Billings Bicycle Accident Lawyer

The state of Montana averages only one bicycle fatality per year. However, the state has many more bicycle accidents which result in serious injury. If injured, you may be able to receive compensation with the help of a bicycle accident lawyer. Florida and California have the most bicycle fatalities as the weather in these states is more conducive to bicycling to and from work or bicycling for fun and/or exercise. Bicycling plays a significant role in the transportation system of Montana. Whether you are a casual or advanced cyclist, a bicycle tourist or commuter, or a bicycle transportation professional, you must still be wary of drivers who may not always share the road with bicyclists.

Just like a motorcyclist or a pedestrian, the person riding a bicycle is extremely vulnerable when involved in an accident with an automobile. Other than possibly a bicycle helmet, the bicyclist has virtually no protection—and less than half of all bicyclists routinely wear a helmet. In the majority of cases, when an automobile hits a bicyclist, there is at least some level of negligence. Distracted driving, not watching bicyclists, and driving recklessly are all forms of negligence.

Many auto accidents have some level of distraction, and those which involve bicyclists are no exception. Drivers eat, flip through radio stations, talk or text on their cellphones, fiddle with the heat, apply makeup, and even read while driving. Any of these distractions can lead to a serious accident, particularly for the more vulnerable bicyclist.

What You Should Do If You are Hit by an Automobile

If you are hit by a driver while riding your bicycle, you must immediately seek medical attention. Even if you are fairly sure you are “fine,” when hit by a car, your adrenaline kicks in. The adrenaline floods your body and increasing your pain tolerance. When the adrenaline wears off, you may realize that your minor injuries were actually much more serious.

For this reason, you should either let the ambulance transport you to a Billings ER, or immediately go to your regular doctor. Should you skip this step, then find out later you have serious injuries, the insurance company may be unwilling to pay your medical expenses.

Make sure you call the police to the scene of the accident regardless of whether there are obvious injuries. Having a police report later on can turn out to be invaluable if you must file a Billings personal injury claim to recoup your losses. If you are physically able, take photographs at the scene of the accident. As soon as you are home, make detailed notes about the circumstances surrounding your accident.

The Complexities of Bicycle Accidents

Bicycle accidents have the potential to become complex. Rather than gamble with your future, it is much more sensible to speak to an experienced Billings bicycle accident lawyer. Your attorney will understand just how important gathering witness statements immediately following your accident really is. Especially before those witnesses disappear or their memories fade. Your attorney will have your medical records expertly analyzed to show your injuries are the direct result of the negligence of the driver. They will also obtain the police report and carefully review it. The damages to your bicycle will be thoroughly inspected and documented, and the driving history of the driver responsible for your injuries will be investigated. Your attorney can even have an expert recreate the scene of your bicycle accident in order to prove your claim.

What Damages are You Entitled to Receive Following Your Billings Bicycle Accident?

  • All medical expenses related to your injuries from the bicycle accident. These include hospital, doctor, rehabilitative, surgical, and prescription drug expenses.
  • Lost wages for any time you are unable to return to work because of your bicycle accident injuries, and future lost wages if you are unable to return to work for months, years, or ever.
  • Pain and suffering and/or emotional distress resulting from your bicycle accident.
  • Vitae venenatis justo metus non metus.
  • Punitive damages if the person who hit you acted recklessly or willfully.

How a Billings Bicycle Accident Lawyer Can Help

Your attorney will have a thorough understanding of Billings bicycle traffic laws. They will also know the best way to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf with the insurance company. Your Billings bicycle accident lawyer will advocate for your rights and your future. This will allow you the time to concentrate on healing from your injuries.